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My name is Ann. I love pillows, dogs, chocolate milkshakes, and recently started liking big salads. I also like running, really good red wine, traveling, books, and poolside service at the Westin Kierland resort in Scottsdale. Not a big fan of: sushi, people who put their kids on leashes, and bugs.

I’m a former TV/film writer/producer who in August 2010 decided to (somewhat) turn my world upside down and (temporarily) move to Brevard, North Carolina. I then fancied to make the move a permanent one, after my son and I fell in love with “the simple life” in Brevard…  hence this blog memorializing all the things we love.  :-)

Feel free to check out my other web site: www.annsharpsteen.com and find me on Facebook and Twitter (@annsharpsteen).  Oh yeah, and if you like to read, please feel free to go to amazon.com and buy my book (“I Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny” – the autobiography of Johnny Cash’s first wife, Vivian. It was a life-changing book to work on, and you’ll learn a whole lot about Johnny Cash if you’re a fan.


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  1. I have been reading your blog off and on for a while but never really knew the person behind it. It’s been fun getting to know that person! What a great blog!

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