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Is this where Poppies is going to be?


… because I keep checking back and this business doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon… Poppies, please come back… we miss you!

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Brevard Project 365 – Day 233 – Poppies special edition

… the old Grover’s Supply space on Main Street… I think this would be a perfect place for Poppies to relocate (do not get me started on the tacky way they’re being forced out of their current store space on Asheville Highway)… I for one, will not be shopping at the organic foods store that’s moving in to Poppie’s old space. Was anyone else offended by that article in the paper this week where the owner of the old Popppie’s location was interviewed? Wow, in the span of what was probably a 5-minute interview, he likely succeeded in offending the entire community of Brevard. Way to get the community excited about a new store… not.

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