Brevardian of the Week: Chuck Pisa!

image Place of employment (what do you do & where?): Elements Spa, Brevard: Healing Facilitator, Energy Healing (Board Certified) & Massage Therapist (Board Certified). Olivon USA, sole distributor for the United States (Sales, marketing, & distribution)

Of all the work you’re involved with, which one is the most important to you? The energy healing and healing facilitation work.

What attracted you to energy healing? After being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, a friend and business partner in a nutraceutical business offered to help. She was also an energy healer and had healed herself of several debilitating diseases. She made recommendations to my diet, supplementation and lifestyle. In two instances, she assisted me in shrinking tumors that were sizable to the point where the doctors could not find them anymore. A “light” went off inside me and I thought, “this is what I want to do”, and the rest is, as they say, history.

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Do you have a story of how it has helped someone in a remarkable way? I have many stories, some physical, some emotional, some mental, but one of the coolest was a client who was recommended by a friend who lived in California. Our sessions were over the phone and later with Facetime. He was diagnosed and suffering from Parkinson’s, he could not speak well, spoke very softly and ran his words together…very difficult to understand and he also had stability and locomotion difficulty. After my first treatment, when I called him back to debrief, as I was asking him how he felt and what he felt going on as I was working on him, I noticed his voice was clear and distinct with much better volume. I let him finish describing what he had felt, then asked him if he noticed any difference in his speech??? He then said, “yes, as I was telling how I felt I noticed that I could speak normally again…this is amazing! How could this be?” We then continued to work for 3-4 months till he no longer needed my services.

What types of illnesses/problems can it generally help with? Well, technically, I am not aware of any illness that Esoteric Healing wouldn’t help. According to the National Association of Esoteric Healing, 75% of clients benefit considerably, 10% don’t recognize any benefit, and 15% find that although their direct issue wasn’t helped, there has been an inner change that helps them mange their issue better.

What other health & wellness projects are you involved in? Patti Beggs, the owner of Elements Spa, and I are now doing a Personal Wellness Program, which is a whole person approach to wellness. Clients are evaluated by both of us using our respective “bag of tools” to recommend and gently “coach” people into a more balanced approach to their health. Whether they have cancer, diabetes, gall bladder disease, etc we can assist them and help them turn the corner on their issue.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Before high school I always wanted to be an astronomer. During high school something shifted and I wanted to be involved in medicine, possibly become a doctor. Chuck_with_telescope_500kb

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Well, that I actually got my degree in marine botany and worked at a well-known marine lab in Florida. Then turned my hobby of astronomy into a profession selling astronomical equipment around the country and internationally to advanced amateurs, professional astronomers, universities and schools.

What are some items still on your bucket list? Travel to fun places, visit sacred sites around the globe, visit the city of Pisa, my namesake.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time? Reading, taking classes, meditation, yoga and talking to my children. IMG_0479

What’s your favorite thing about living in Brevard? The wonderful people and small home-town feel; the beauty of the mountains and the music.

Your biggest pet peeve: The city and the county have no, or a very poor lighting ordinance. There is light glare everywhere, very little full cut-off lighting fixtures even on new construction. Do you know our children and grandchildren will never see the night sky as we did as children?

Do you have any superstitions? No, don’t believe in them. I think they are mostly fear based.

Name some popular hit songs (or singers/groups) from your youth. Loved the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Yes, the Stones, and saw them all in concerts (except for the Beatles). My favorite group was Jethro Tull, I was an addict!

What music do you like to listen to today? Now called “oldies” rock, classical, opera and new age.

Describe a very proud moment in your childhood. Becoming an Eagle Scout at the age of 14.

What was your first job ever? Sweeping the parking lot of an Acme Supermarket for $1.00 an hour.

If you were to return to your youth, what would you do differently? Nothing! I had a great childhood, loving parents, got a great education and everything was a life lesson.

Do you believe in ghosts? Not the Hollywood version. I deal in my practice with entities who have not fully crossed over or “transitioned” to the light. For differing reasons they get stuck between our plane of existence and the light. They are confused and lost beings. That is why it is such a tragedy to see on TV all these paranormal shows, were basically they are taunting these beings asking them to make themselves known, which is the wrong direction for these lost souls to be going. It’s like poking a stick at a deaf, dumb and blind child.

Have you ever lost anything really important to you? I once had a silver chain necklace that I wore everyday for 7 years and never took it off. One day I woke up, and it was gone. Tore the bed apart and my apartment, never to be found.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Sort of, I believe you can be physically attracted to someone, but if there isn’t that heart and soul connection it will be temporary.

What other names did your parents consider naming you? “Petey”, for my first name Peter, but when my mother heard that, she said we’ll name him Chuck.

Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation? Yes, while hiking and climbing a mountain in NM, where my friend started to slide down a shear flat rock and I caught him before going over the edge. Lucky, he didn’t take me with him, I was a tall and skinny kid.

Do you know how your first name was chosen? Named after my father, I’m a JR.

What famous person inspired you the most while growing up? Probably Jesus of Nazareth. He showed us how to live inwardly and outwardly. He certainly “walked his talk”.

What’s the naughtiest thing you did as a child? Me, I was a model child! In high school, told my parents I was staying over for the weekend at a friend’s house. Instead, we got in his car and drove up the east coast looking at colleges, then drove to Niagara Falls and into Canada for the heck of it.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? My first telescope at age 8…I was in heaven, literally.

What would you say is your life’s motto? Love everything that you can, and if you find you can’t in that moment, at least tell yourself that someday you will…

What inspires you? Seeing people doing what they really love and are passionate about.

What’s been the most challenging time of your life? Probably getting divorced, getting diagnosed with cancer and going bankrupt in the span of about 2 years.

Have you had any regrets about your life so far? (something you would do over again, wish you hadn’t done, etc.) Sometimes I think, if I had done something different the outcome would have been better, but the reality is you learn more from your mistakes than you do your wins, so in the end you are better off.

What was the last good book you read? The “Enders Game” series of books

What are your dreams for the coming year? The next 5 years? Get my private Esoteric Healing practice online and hit my sales goals for Olivon every month. In the next 5 years, set up a network of energy healers in town and online to benefit many more people.

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