… and, that’s a wrap… preparing to board a plane home to the U. S…. goodbye, sweet Rio, I love you more than ever… now, home to Brevard! xo

Thank you, Rio… I am proud to say you shaped the person I am. Some memorable moments from this trip: (1) being able to show my son @mattasharpsteen where I grew up, (2) seeing the look on his face the first time he saw me speaking Portuguese, (3) being reunited with my Brazilian family (including my Brazilian sister @araripesonia, @felipe.araripee, @bellas_photos, @pattyoliveiraa, @julia_souto, @angela_araripesouto, @joao.araripe… I love you all so much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ … and my NEW family members including @mackeduardo, @tataicosta and the amazing team of women at @fundoelas! – I look forward to helping you continue to change the world and help women!, and (4) visiting my old school, Escola Americana do Rio @earj.official (despite the twinges of heartache from remembering all the fun times with my sweet best friend Wendy Morris – makes me cry typing this remembering all the times we shared together…. I miss her and sound of her sweet laugh). My heart is full heading back to the states… I send love to you all, the rest of my family. Don’t doubt for a minute that I love each of you and am here for you. Love is an open door always. xoxo — at Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro Galeao.

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