Brevard Project 365 – Day 126

… Like a clean car?… the brand new White Squirrel Car Wash is now open on Asheville Highway (across from Sagebrush)…

White Squirrel Car Wash
438 Asheville Highway, Brevard              
(828) 884-4454      


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3 Responses to Brevard Project 365 – Day 126

  1. M Taylor

    Wash stopped with vehicle covered in colored soap and did not resume operating. Went to the other side and requested a receipt so I could verify my problem with a time stamp and show the additional expense incurred; receipt did not print! Too much soap already on the vehicle did not rinse at all when I went through the 2nd time so I incurred additional expense going to the old reliable do-it-yourself car wash further out on the Asheville Hwy. Left messages on both phone numbers but their recordings indicated they were out of town for extended times. Does anyone monitor the operation of this place when problems like this occur?

  2. M Taylor

    Call was returned within an hour so all is good. Apology and refund offered. The wash seems to be very sensitive and defaulted due to it sensing the bumper was too far back for the rinse. Just wish it had sensed that before it started. The vehicle is very clean now that it soaked so long and the finish appears ok.

  3. Ann

    I’m glad it got worked out… yikes!

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