Brevard Project 365 – Day 53

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… Marla Cilley (aka “The FlyLady”) and Susan Lamonica, winner of the nationwide “Win a Weekend with the FlyLady” contest… she flew in to Asheville Regional from Patterson NY to enjoy a weekend of exploring Brevard and spending time with Marla… :-)

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  1. jeannette ewing

    My sister loves your website. She is a crafter, overweight, divorced and a very loving person. Her family is not allowed in her house because of her clutter. She tries to declutter, but it gets as far as her van and usually that is the extent of it. I would love it if there were some way she could meet you. I have a sister in Raleigh and we usually have a sisters weekend in February. Do you ever do individual consultations? Thank you for any advice.

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