Brevardian of the Week: Donna Stout!

DonnasmilingChildren/spouse/significant other/pets etc: 3 daughters & my wonderful kitty, “Misty”

Place of employment (what do you do & where?): I own the White Squirrel Shoppe

How long have you had the White Squirrel Shoppe on Main Street? 26 years

So, what “white squirrel” souvenir item do you sell the most of at the White Squirrel Shoppe? (White squirrel stuffed animals? Keychains? Books? Postcards?)  stuffed white squirrels (we have an entire squirrel department)

What was the biggest professional honor you ever enjoyed/received during your years working in the field of outdoor recreation? Invitation to Jacques Cousteau’s 75th birthday. Also, appointed by President Reagan on the PCOA and ARC board.


Do you remember the first time you ever set foot in a canoe? 1956 BWCA Minnesota

Any exciting canoe trip stories to share? Lots! #1: taking Charles Kuralt into Glades

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Youngest holder of A&W Root Beer franchise in the U.S.A. and wrote for a magazine for two years

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Ever had a brush with a celebrity? Yes – Cliff Robertson, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Brett Hume

What’s your favorite thing about living in Brevard? People, wonderful people


Do you have a secret you never told your parents?
Yes – told them after 20 years.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Wife & mother

Name some popular hit songs from your youth: Moments to Remember, all Johnny Mathis & Nat King Cole & Frank Sinatra

What’s your favorite music to listen to today? Light classical


Donna and her three daughters

What’s your favorite holiday of the year? Thanksgiving – to be with my family – all live out of state

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes – I have Jesse that lives at my house. Had ghost busters in from Atlanta

Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation? Yes – in a single engine Cessna, prepared for a crash landing.

What famous person inspired you the most while growing up? Elizabeth Taylor

What is it about the holidays that stresses you out the most? deadlines

What’s the naughtiest thing you did as a child? My sister and I setting the outdoor privy on fire.


What would you say is your life’s motto? “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”

What celebrity do people say you look like? Years ago, it was Elizabeth Taylor. Today they say Paula Deen.

If you had one wish, what would it be? Good health

What’s been the most challenging time of your life? Recuperating after the death of my daughter last year

What are your dreams for the coming year? The next 5 years? Simplify my life and spend more time with family

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  1. Sherry Southgate

    About Donna Stout:

    One couldn’t ask for a better friend. I love her and so does all of our family.

    Sherry – Listening from Brantford Canada

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