“Brevardian of the Week” Mark Peddy

Mark Peddy is President of Heart of Brevard, serves on various boards in town (Transylvania County Chamber of Commerce, Boys & Girls Club, etc.) and is owner of several Brevard businesses (Quotations, Co-Ed Cinema movie theatre, Brighter Day Coffee, and three UPS stores). This week he answered some fun questions ffrom us… and be sure to tune in to WSQL at 1pm today (Friday) when Mark joins me in the studio to chat on-air…

If you won the lottery, what would you splurge on?
I would give all my friends and family 10k.

What celebrity do people say you look like?
Mostly people used to say that I looked like Peter Jennings.

What would you say is your life’s motto?
Always prepare for the worst case scenario, then be happy when it doesn’t happen.

If you were to give special praise to someone right now, who would it be?
I would like to praise my co-worker and managing director Katrina.   She has helped make our companies into what they are today.

Who had the most influence (or had the biggest impact) on you while growing up?
My grandmother on my dad’s side.  She was one of the wisest people I have ever known and also one of the bravest.  She taught me hard work and pragmatism.  Life on the farm is tough, raising 8 boys is even tougher, but all of her kids became wonderful and successful people. 

What kind of parent are you: A. Very strict, B. Just about anything goes, C. Somewhere in between?
I am not strict, but like any good parent have raised my child from the start knowing that every action produces a result and how to have the foresight to think things out.

What piece of advice that your parents gave you when you were younger, and ignored, do you now wish you would have paid more attention to? 
When I was eighteen,  I had a chance to open a Domino’s pizza franchise (there were only 300 at the time).  My mom told me to do it, and I did not listen.  A good friend at the time did and now has 47 stores.  She still hasn’t let me forget it.

Did you ever play hooky from school when you were younger, or pretend to be sick in order to stay home?
I missed more school than any kid I have ever known.  I do not even know if it was legal.  I used to go hunting or fishing instead.  I probably missed 30 days a semester in high school.  But I had A’s.

Have you ever left home wearing your pajamas?
At LSU, we had a 7:30 class across from the dorm.  We went to class in our PJ’s and robes.

How are you coming on your 2011 New Year’s resolutions?
I don’t do resolutions.

What are you hoping to receive for Father’s Day?
I don’t want anything for Father’s Day.  My philosophy is “everyday” is Father’s Day and every day is Mother’s Day and every day is a special day for the ones we love.

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