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… feeling numb and overwhelmed learning horrible news this morning. This was the last photo my beautiful strong Tennessee friend shared online (“Set your sights higher than your eyes can see.” ~Rumi) before heartbreak hit.  Today she gathers her eldest son’s things from the coroner’s office after he was shot and killed in a random act of violence and is making arrangements to have him cremated so she can “carry him close” on the trip back home.  There. are. no. words.  He had just arrived in Detroit with his cousin, pulling in to a parking garage of an art institute. They were both shot.  The cousin is fighting for his life.  And my heart aches. Why do people hate?  I wish I were in Tennessee right now. She was one of our biggest supporters of doing a Brevard wall mural honoring “all of the brokenhearted.” Some day we will do it, and there will be a special tribute to Ryan included somewhere in the design. xo  Please tell the people you love that you love them today. Choose love. 

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