Happy New Year!… thank you for your friendship, sweet friends… here are my wishes for the coming year…

May 2020 bring us all joy, peace, and personal success. May 2020 be the year where kindness is the foundation of everything we do… what we give and what we receive. May 2020 be the year we notice miracles and embrace the divinity that is around us every day. May we slow down. Meditate. Take joy in good food, friends, and cooking healthy meals and enjoying them at leisure. May we love fiercely. May we take note of the things that excite our heart. Those things aren’t random, or by chance. Those things are our calling. May we chase after those things. May we take time every day to do the things we love. Exercise. Be around positive people who support us and are loving to all people. May we avoid negative people and drama. Embrace peace on a daily basis. Forgive. Read books that help us grow. Enjoy earthing/grounding, yoga, chakra balancing, tapping, and staying in alignment. And, finally may we all year listen to that voice that doesn’t use words. That voice won’t lead us astray. With love in my heart for you, I wish all of you a very happy New Year.
Ann xo

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