“I Love Brevard” t-shirt contest…

… okay, a free “I Love Brevard” t-shirt to the first person to correctly identify the guy in the middle wearing the dark blue t-shirt… here’s your first hint: this picture was taken in Nashville (several years ago)…

… (and here he is on the left)… second hint: reality TV…. good luck!  :-)


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4 Responses to “I Love Brevard” t-shirt contest…

  1. I’m probably wrong…Travis Stork…the Dr.

  2. carla Jamele

    No, your right. That is Travis Stork. He is one fine looking man and I LOVE his longer, lighter locks as well. I was ready to pack my bags and move to Brevard, which I really am trying to do at the moment, but I thought, wow, he lives there, I am moving there…lol

  3. Ann

    Yep… you’re both right! :)

  4. Ann

    Okay, you both get t-shirts… lol!

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