Story of our rescued barn swallow… ;-)

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IMG_2366This little guy fell from the rafters in the barn.. so, I called wildlife rehabilitator Jennifer Bergin who put me in touch with bird rehabilitator, Jeannette Schmidt… an angel who has helped rehabilitate hundreds of birds.  I took the little guy to Brevard Animal Hospital where she picked him up and took him home to start her work in helping him survive.
IMG_2523One of the first photos she sent me (as I followed his progress) was this one… of Bodie (that’s what she named him) settled in a nest in between two other orphans (Wiggles and Giggles)…  ;-)
IMG_2522This photo taken later showed how well Bodie was doing under Jeanette’s care… handsome little guy!
IMG_2521Bodie with some of his other bird friends shortly before being released back in to wild… ;-)
IMG_2520This was the photo Jeanette texted me on July 10th (Bodie is on the left):
“Bodie and Barney just before release on July 10, 2016. Took them to my friend’s farm where there are many acres, beautiful trees, no cats (!), the French Broad River and a gorgeous view of the mountains in the background. And, there are lots of barn swallows to mix with! Freedom rings!”  Thank you, Jeanette!…. xo

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