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Brevardian of the Week: Connie Edmands!

Connie Edmands, owner of Broad Street Wines

Connie Edmands, owner of Broad Street Wines, 30 South Broad Street 828-883-2101

Spouse/children/pets: spouse: Chuck… children: 3 sons & 3 grandchildren… pets: MANY dogs! We rescue!

Place of employment (what do you do & where?): Owner of Broad Street Wines

What did you do professionally before opening up Broad Street Wines? I was a Registered Nurse for 41 years.

... the view from Connie's porch!

… the view from Connie’s porch!

What kinds of special programs do you have at the wine store? (things like wine tastings?)
– Free wine tastings every Saturday 2-5pm
– Evening classes/tastings 1-2 times per month – we notify of events by email, web site and Facebook
– Wine station – can purchase tastings of 1, 2 and 4 oz. utilizing personalized card

How much does a card cost for the wine-by-the-glass wine station? Any amount can be applied to a wine card, and then dollars can be added at will.

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