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Brevard Project 365 – Day 1

This is our souvenir from last week’s great Christmas 2010 snowstorm. (Note: This post marks the start of my first ever “Project 365” about life in Brevard in a year’s time. Anyone else ever done one? Feel free to email me your sage advice. :-)

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Random email of the day – from the Netherlands?

I’ve received many emails from people stopping by the blog (thank you all!)…  Here’s one that really surprised me and made me smile:   :-)

Hi Ann,

I love to read about Brevard.  In 1989 I spent the summer at Camp Gwynn Valley and I have good memories. Great time! Love America!

Love from the Netherlands,
Ina Beltman
Markelo, the Netherlands

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These cute cats are looking for homes… you up for adopting one?

Rachel, 1 year old, super playful, loads of cute genes (rescued from shelter 12/20/10)

While walking around downtown today, Matt and I stopped into the Transylvania Humane Society Thrift Shop to visit the cats up for adoption… and Rachel (pictured here) was ready to play! For a very fleeting moment I was tempted to take her home, but reminded myself we’re getting a new puppy in February… but *you’re* probably not getting a new puppy, and should adopt one! ;-) Email me the pics if you do!
Transylvania Humane Society Thrift Shop, 84 East Main St. (828) 884-6577 Mon-Sat 10:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.


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Today… perfect sledding conditions in Brevard!

We’re still thawing out from today’s sledding, but conditions were perfect… about 7 inches of soft, fluffy snow! Roads are a sheet of ice, though. Good stay-at-home weather. ;-)


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Best “good carbs” in town are at Downtown Chocolates!

Yep, these are really, really, really good carbs in my book! So much so, Matt and I make a trip every week to Downtown Chocolates after school and get our favorites… milk chocolate covered Oreos.  :-)  Yum!

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O.P. Taylor’s, indeed, is the coolest toy store on the planet!


The best place to get your fun on in Brevard – by far – is O.P. Taylor’s toy store!  Just ask my 10-year-old.  No, actually… ask me!  I enjoy going there every bit as  much as he does. We were in there today.  Remember those old Magic 8-balls growing up, where you asked a yes/no question, and it gave you an answer?… Like, “As I see it, yes”…. “Don’t count on it”…”Concentrate, and ask again”….  They have those!  I definitely should have gotten one.  Maybe next time.  :-)  Plus, they have Legos, sea monkeys, Webkinz, and a zillion other toys that you don’t need, but gotta have… all in the coolest old building with great creaky floors. What’s your favorite part of a trip into O.P. Taylor’s?


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