White Squirrel Day 2022: Pisgah Penny Predicts Early Spring!

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from the event:


Everyone is abuzz with the news of the arrival of a cute & sassy new white squirrel ambassador (Penelope Ella Catherine Elizabeth – “Pisgah Penny”) taking the helm of the popular annual event.

Here’s the press release!


       Annual event benefits the White Squirrel Institute and the work of WNC wildlife rehabilitators

BREVARD, NORTH CAROLINA (January 26, 2022) – For the eighth year in a row, Groundhog Day will be celebrated in Brevard, North Carolina as “White Squirrel Day.” And, this year’s event has fans abuzz with excitement in hearing the news that a sassy new Brevard white squirrel ambassador is taking the helm of the popular event.

Since 2015, Pisgah Pete, Brevard’s long-standing official white squirrel ambassador, has officiated White Squirrel Day each year and taken on his world-famous weather-prognosticating counterpart, Punxsutawney Phil.  Pisgah Pete has received worldwide acclaim for not only predicting whether there will be six more weeks of winter, but also predicting the winner of upcoming Super Bowl football games. 

In January 2022, after years of dedicated public service to his community, Pisgah Pete announced his retirement.  Further, after months of behind-the-scenes, one-on-one coaching and training, Pisgah Pete’s beloved niece, Penelope Ella Catherine Elizabeth (“Pisgah Penny”) is ready to assume all of his White Squirrel Day duties.  February 2, 2022 will mark her first day as Brevard’s official white squirrel ambassador.  She is said to be happy and eager to assume her new role of officiating White Squirrel Day, as she has inherited Pisgah Pete’s gifts of making accurate and useful predictions. 

The White Squirrel Day event will be video live streamed on the WSQL Radio Facebook page, affording fans around the world the chance to watch Pisgah Penny make her predictions of winter weather and the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl. Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be played on February 13, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Brevard Mayor Maureen Copelof will also be on-hand to officially proclaim the day “White Squirrel Day.”  WSQL radio personality, Don DeBiase, will assume the role of Master of Ceremonies, as he has each year since the event’s inception.  In addition, Brevard’s “White Squirrel” radio station WSQL will broadcast the event live (102.1 FM, 1240 AM). 

The annual event is a fundraiser for The White Squirrel Institute, a local non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to local licensed wildlife rehabilitators who rescue and save local wildlife (including squirrels, birds, possums, and more). Monies are raised through personal donations and an “Adopt a White Squirrel” program, where for $25, participants receive a white squirrel adoption certificate, the ability to name their rescued squirrel, and the satisfaction of helping local wildlife. 

Under the guidance of Director Katy Rosenberg, The White Squirrel Institute has seen a significant increase in the number white squirrel adoptions since the fund-raising effort began in 2018. “Every white squirrel adoption and every donation helps support the work of our hard-working wildlife rehabilitators” said Rosenberg.  Donations and adoptions can also be made at whitesquirrelinstitute.org.

White Squirrel Day event:

When:Wednesday February 2, 2022 – 10:00 a.m.
Where:Video livestreamed on WSQL Facebook page & on-air WSQL Radio

To raise money and awareness for Brevard’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators through the White Squirrel Institute. These hard-working local volunteers rescue, save and nurse area squirrels (and other wildlife) back to health and do all their work with no financial assistance. Wildlife rehabilitators pay for medical supplies, vet fees, medications and food out of their own pockets. 

For more information about The White Squirrel Institute, please go to whitesquirrelinstitute.org.  For more information about White Squirrel Day, please go to whitesquirrelday.com.


White Squirrel Institute:  Director Katy Rosenberg, 828-384-1255, WhiteSquirrelInstitute@gmail.com

White Squirrel Day founder & organizer: Ann Sharpsteen, 828-606-2141, ann.sharpsteen@gmail.com

Details outlined below in the press release below: