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Brevardian of the Week: Mark Weinstein!

Mark and his wife, Susanne

Mark with wife, Susanne

Place of employment (what do you do & where?): President and CEO of Brevard Music Center

Tell us about your children/spouse/pets:
My wife (Susanne) and I have a wonderful son named Zach who is a superb bartender and student at the University of Colorado in Boulder. We share our home with two small and cute dogs, one is 12 and the other less than a year old. They differ greatly in what they both consider fun (sleeping for one and yapping for the other)

What part of your job at Brevard Music Center do you most love?
Walking around the beautiful campus when filled with our talented students and faculty, and listening to the music.

What’s the audition process for kids applying to BMC? Everyone must submit an audition tape. It is very competitive.

What’s life like for them during a summer at BMC? (what’s a typical day like for these kids?)
Daily life for a student is intense. And the students would have it no other way. For instance, opera students usually have their first call at 9 am and then spend almost all day in movement classes, vocal rehearsals acting rehearsals and private and group coachings. The day can stretch till 11 pm.

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Brevardian of the Week: Donna Stout!

DonnasmilingChildren/spouse/significant other/pets etc: 3 daughters & my wonderful kitty, “Misty”

Place of employment (what do you do & where?): I own the White Squirrel Shoppe

How long have you had the White Squirrel Shoppe on Main Street? 26 years

So, what “white squirrel” souvenir item do you sell the most of at the White Squirrel Shoppe? (White squirrel stuffed animals? Keychains? Books? Postcards?)  stuffed white squirrels (we have an entire squirrel department)

What was the biggest professional honor you ever enjoyed/received during your years working in the field of outdoor recreation? Invitation to Jacques Cousteau’s 75th birthday. Also, appointed by President Reagan on the PCOA and ARC board.


Do you remember the first time you ever set foot in a canoe? 1956 BWCA Minnesota

Any exciting canoe trip stories to share? Lots! #1: taking Charles Kuralt into Glades

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Youngest holder of A&W Root Beer franchise in the U.S.A. and wrote for a magazine for two years

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