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Hi all… I’m signing off here on the main ILB blog, so please join me over on the private blog where we can stay in touch daily and you can follow my journey. For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know the news. Thank you for praying with me unceasingly this past week, in person, on the phone, and all day. God has given me an amazing peace about everything and I have never felt his presence more than I have now. It has been truly eye-opening to see how he has protected me.

For all of you who knew and loved Tom and don’t yet know the “news,” here are my posts from FB below to catch you up. I encourage all of you to stop and pray tonight… stop what you’re doing and talk to God, in earnest. All of this was revealed to me after I asked God to remove evildoers and any measure of wickedness from my life, no matter how small (never suspecting it would be what he was hiding from me). God is good and faithful.

February 14, 2023: Please pray for me tonight. This Valentines Day today didn’t end the way I expected. I
received an anonymous phone call gratis my fiancé’s girlfriend letting me know he has been cheating on me. So things have changed a bit in my life. If you received an invitation from my parents for the engagement party next week, you’ll be receiving a call from me tomorrow letting you know it’s canceled. xo #prayer #heartbroken

February 15, 2023: Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support. I will not be marrying Tom. He has emailed my family that he has a new fiancé. (Update: his new fiancé has told me they have a house and a family together, as well. Incredibly, she has told me I am lying about ever being engaged to Tom.) I wish him the best and want to move on with my life… Thank you for being my support system while I do that.

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