… so many insights and discoveries during this troubling coronavirus crisis… hmmm…

… I’m reminded how the most troublesome, disastrous scary time in my life proved to be life-changing in the most beautiful way on the other side… a refocus on what’s really important… slowing down, self care, listening to music – I mean really listening to music, like marveling at the genius of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” genius glissando that starts the song instead of ending it – love that!… and a reminder that we already have all we really need with good food in the fridge, a well equipped kitchen, a good dog, warm bed, project we’re passionate about, supply of blank canvases, people to encourage & love, touching tree barks, going barefoot in the grass, and finally slowing down enough to marvel at the beauty in a simple moth that catches my attention tonight while walking my dog in the dark… so much more important and joy-filled than catching the latest coronavirus briefing video.

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